How to use the Eezyfill Dosing Funnel

Step 1

Eezyfill can be used to add Inhibitors/Sludge Remover/Anti-Freeze etc., to a sealed or open vent Central Heating System, via any radiator with ½ vent and plug.

It is recommended to drain down and replace your inhibitor approximately every two years.

Adding chemicals to Central Heating Systems is a requirement of Manufacturers Warranties and BS 7593 Part L of Building Regulations.

Adding chemicals to your Central Heating System will protect it from electrolytic corrosion and maintain its working efficiency, which in turn will help to keep running costs low.

Loosen one of the valves union joints.

Remember to use a bowl to collect the water you are draining off.

Step 2

Using a spanner unscrew both ½" vent and plug at the top of the radiator.

Step 3

Screw the Eezyfill unique swivel joint directly into one of the ½" BSP tappings at the top of the radiator, (normally this only needs to be tightened by hand but a spanner can be used if required).

Step 4

You can now add the desired chemical to your Central Heating System; the Eezyfill funnel can be rotated into a position which will enable you to add your chemicals easily.

Step 5

Once you have added your chemicals unscrew the unique Eezyfill from the radiator, replace both ½" BSP vent and plug, turn both radiator valves on and vent the radiator to get the air out.



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