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MB Jay are the inventors and manfacturers of the Eezyfill Central Heating Dosing Funnel. This Product has been available on the market since August 2007 and is proving to be very successful.

What's Eezyfill and How It Works

Eezyfill is a small compact unit, which unlike methods currently available to dose Central Heating Systems (i.e. Cartridges, Aerosols, Vessels) is designed to screw straight into the radiator, enabling chemicals to be poured directly from the container.

Eezyfill will assist the Central Heating Installer / Engineer / Plumber, It is a quick and easy way to add chemicals such as Inhibitors / De-scalers / Sludge Removers / Antifreeze etc into Central Heating systems via any radiator which has a standard ½" BSP female Tapping.

With its unique swivel joint the Eezyfill can be rotated into a postion which will make it easy to fill your radiator with chemicals.

For More Information see the Eezyfill page.

The best ways to describe Eezyfill are:

  • A Professional Tool Designed to Dose Central Heating Systems Quickly
  • Time Saving
  • Quick and Easy
  • Money Saving
  • No Spillages
  • No Plumbing or Central Heating Engineer should be without one!

For Step by step Instructions on how to use the Eezyfill visit the Information page.

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Last updated January 2014

The Eezyfill Radiator Dosing Funnel
Eezyfill funnel More about Eezyfill

Made In Britain
MB Jay Ltd, Walsall, WS1 9GE
Patent no: 2440 807